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Seeing Trails Hike Gang Patches


LA based hiking gang that leads hikes and organizes outdoor gatherings. We have a selection of their patches designed by Arthur Jones:

Pass The Dutchy: This patch commemorates their ongoing series "Pass The Dutchy" : a unique wilderness dinner party with a focus on cooking in cast iron dutch ovens. Celebrate the exciting and delicious world of cast iron cooking in a wilderness setting with this one!

Seeing Trails Club Patch: grayscale design with a reflective background. A merrowed border gives it an extra robust feeling. Dimensions are 2.25" x 3.5

High Sierra Trail Patch: This patch commemorates an amazing expedition with 12 of their members along the High Sierra Trail - A hands-down classic, and easily one of the most beautiful thru-hiking trips in America. The patch features the outline of the east face of mount whitney in the background - the final destination for the trail. You don't have to have hiked the HST to appreciate this patch!

Hot Tub Patch: Patch commemorating the first annual Seeing Trails Guadalupe Canyon Glamp Off. This patch is hot and sexy and features naked people enjoying a soak in a hot spring. NSFW! Puffy text with merrowed border. Dimensions are 3.25" circular.